5 Reasons Why Your Life Vision is THE Most Important Thing in Your Life

Your Life Vision addresses your sense of future and the strength of the forward motion in your life. A strong Life Vision entails a clear picture of who you are, where you are going and what kind of a life you want to create. It allows you to choose the right actions and stay focused and balanced on your life path.

buy estrace cream First: Who are you WITHOUT a Life Vision?

If you don’t have a clear sense of what you want out of life, you leave your destiny to chance. You tend to react to life, instead of charting your own course, allowing other people’s opinions and outside circumstances to determine your future.

You must get crystal clear on your life vision, by deeply defining the person you want to become and the life you want to live. This is one of the most empowering and valuable things you could ever do.

I already talked about the 12 areas of life, which all are part of your daily life.

Only when you combine these twelve areas successfully you will find yourself grounded, balanced and happy. It’s the fulfillment in all twelve categories what makes your life worth living. The more successful you are in each category the more successful you are in life.

However, only very few people think deeply about their quality of life. If you never thought about all areas of your life in a deep and meaningful way, it comes as a consequence that you will not be able to understand your life.

Life is easy. Life should be meaningful. Truth is, you are in full control of it. I want to shift this awareness and make every single person think deeply about their life vision. Only by aligning all twelve categories, your deepest values, and beliefs about each, and by taking small steps at a time into the direction of your dreams, your life will be a living masterpiece.

You hold the keys to your success, happiness, and fulfillment in every area of your life.


finasteride hair buy Second: Your Life Vision defines your Beliefs

Do you ever wonder, what would your life be like when you are more comfortable with yourself, happier, more effective with people, better able to attract abundance into your life while experiencing considerably less, fears, stress, doubts, worries, and insecurities?

Thinking is a choice – a choice you control. The importance of being aware of your thoughts, instead of letting your mind operate on autopilot can’t be overstated. You better use your intellectual power to better define your life vision. Then focus your intellectual power to turn that life vision into reality.

If you want to change any area of your life, start inside. For that, first, you have to become aware of yourself, your beliefs, your values, your knowledge, your thoughts, your words and your actions. Ideally, all of these are in line with each other, and you are the sum or the whole. This will lead you to greater achievement. This means: you will never speak other than you act! You will never act other than you think! And you will never think other than what you want!

This is not difficult, it is very easy.

You must understand that your thoughts shape you and that everything that you think becomes your reality. Your mind is very simple: it does anything that it thinks you want it to do. In other words:

http://taiao.org/2013/03/ Your mind responds only to two things: the words you say to yourself and the pictures you make in your head.


Third: Your Life Vision holds all your Mental Power

Let me give you an example: How do you feel about needles? You see, a normal person does not like them because they are hurtful and you know a doctor might stick a needle into your arm to draw blood from you which will be unpleasant and children find it hurtful. But if you’re a drug addict you cannot wait to pump that needle into your arm and the needle symbolizes a good feeling one of a high state for them. Or take a fashion diva who uses botox on her lips, she will love to see a needle and does not even think of the pain but of her full lips, she will have afterward. But for me, I don’t like needles, I find them scary and when I think of a needle being stuck in my arm I already feel it as unpleasant. So you see, the only reason why people have different feelings towards a needle is that they have different thoughts about it. And certainly, your thoughts become your beliefs. And nothing is as powerful as the words you say to yourself and the pictures and the thoughts that you put into your own mind.

So your mind is really simple. You have to understand this and take full responsibility for the thoughts and the pictures in your head. You must not even tell it to anyone, you can keep them as a secret. But you must understand that it is nobody but you who are dealing with yourself all your life and to have the life you always wanted and to achieve your wildest dreams you must put the according to thoughts and pictures in your brain.


Forth: Your Life Vision is the reason behind your actions

The easiest thing is to live an unfulfilling life, to live mediocre, like everybody else. The noblest, most courageous and important thing is to figure out what you want to do in your life, what will make you truly happy and truly fulfilled, and never stop thinking about it until you bring it into reality.

You might have heard about secret formulas for a happy, successful life – but the truth is, there is no formula. No one ever has, and no one ever will have it. Because there is no universal magic formula. Because the recipe for happiness, balance, fulfillment is different for everyone. There is no one right diet, no one right relationship strategy, no one medicine for every illness. We all have different needs & wants & desires.

If you want to have a happy, meaningful and fulfilled life you have to take responsibility and figure it out for yourself. It is not going to come from a book or a seminar. Only you can find the secret combination to your inner safe.


Fifth: Your Life Vision sets a SMART strategy from where you are to where you want to be

The sad truth is, most of us don’t live the life of our dreams. We are overwhelmed, and accept life and unhappiness as our natural state.

Then there are people who would be considered successful and who are happy sometimes. But success in one area of life is often the expense of being broke in another. Maybe you gain financial success but have no one to share it with at a deep level. Maybe your relationships are fine but your body is not. Maybe we are in great shape but are not financially abundant. In any of these examples, you are living in a constant state of anxiety.

But in order to live a truly fulfilling, courageous, extraordinary and beautiful life, you have you have to work on your life vision. If there is something you are not happy with, you must know that you have the possibility to change it.


Set goals: Where do you want to be in 3 months from now?

Where do you want to be in 3 years from now?

And where do you want to be in 30 years from now?


Set specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and timely (SMART) goals. Then think about it again and come up with a strategy how to achieve these goals. Follow through whatever it takes. Don’t let anybody stop you. Be yourself, no matter what. Because you know that you are doing this for a higher goal: you are doing whatever it takes to achieve your life vision.

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