Hi, my name is Iva Kozul and I am passionate about creating a living masterpiece out of my own life and to help others achieve the same. 

I value openness, sharing, trust, wisdom, beauty, elegance, and above all I value love. Therefore, I share all my knowledge with love.

Love is unconditional, it is free.

I firmly believe that love is the whole point of everything. Love inspires everything that is whole, love animates life and even after death, only love remains.

If you dedicate your life to love, you will be happy. Whenever you are not wholly joyous, it is because you have reacted with a lack of love to one of God’s creations.

Truth is, love and fear each have a different opinion about everything and everyone.

All the while, fear shouts, “Look out!”
Love sings, “Look within.”
Fear screams, “Close your heart and be safe.”
Love asks, “Keep your heart open and be strong.”
Fear says, “Take what you can.”
Love says, “Give what you want.”
Fear wants you to “defend yourself.”
Love wants you to “stay open.”
Fear advises, “Be afraid!”
Love advises, “Be loving!”

Love and fear are more than mere emotions. They are two distinct frames of mind, two contrasting philosophies, two opposite intentions, each capable of creating a world of experience both entirely separate from each other. Love and fear are two different stories. Every day you walk out of the front door of your home, either into a world of love or a world of fear, depending on which story you think about more. And you can choose your thoughts, you can choose your reality and you can choose your story.

When in fear, feel fear, and commit to love.

When in tears, cry tears, and commit to healing.

When unhappy, honor it, and commit to joy.

When in conflict, own it, and commit to peace.

When in pain, express it, and commit to freedom.

When angry, feel it, and commit to harmony.

When resentful, be honest, and commit to forgiveness.